About me.

My name is Claudia Benito, and I am a front-end developer with experience building usable and performant SPAs and JAMstack sites. I am an avid learner and diligent developer who enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams. 

After spending a year travelling in Japan, I am now looking for a remote opportunity to join a passionate team where I can keep learning and utilize my front-end expertise to enhance user and developer experience in web applications.

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First Steps.

I first discovered web development while studying for a Master's in Bioinformatics in 2020.

I realised it was a creative field mixed with problem-solving and an ever-evolving area. Because of this, I became very interested and decided to drop out of my master's and enrolled in a full-stack boot camp to dedicate 100% of my time.

As an avid learner with a curious mind, I have kept staying up-to-date by reading blogs, doing courses in FrontEndMasters and Pluralsight, subscribing to newsletters and developing personal open-sourced projects to practice and develop new skills.

Online LEarning

My Experience.

I have worked in small companies and startups where I honed my front-end skills while collaborating with other software engineers and product designers to deliver single-page applications (SPAs) and JAMstack websites with seamless functionality and user experience that were usable and performant.

I have a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript and work experience in modern front-end frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. I follow best practices to deliver clean, maintainable, and efficient code.

With a focus on developing user interfaces that are seamless and impactful and an interest in UX design, I am committed to not only meeting technical requirements but also ensuring that the UI is intuitive, accessible and visually appealing.

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Software Compenies

Tech Stack.

  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Typescript.

  • Frameworks: React (Next.js), Vue (Nuxt.js), Angular and Astro.

  • Testing: Karma and Jasmine, Jest and Vitest for unit testing and Cypress for e2e testing.

  • System version control: GIT.

  • Content management systems: Storyblok CMS.

  • Serverless: Netlify, Cloudflare Pages, AWS Amplify.

  • Styling: SCSS with BEM methodology, Material design systems, TailwindCSS.

  • Fan of headless accessible component libraries such as Radix UI.

  • Other libraries: Framer Motion, Motion One, GSAP, AG Grid.

  • Design: I have created a light design system and I am familiar with Figma for designing web assets and interface prototypes.

  • I am currently broadening my knowledge in back-end development.



I have a passion for photography since I was a teenager. I love documentary and conceptual photography but I mainly take portraits or travel photographs. I usually use a DSLR camera but I feel fascinated when doing analog photography with my Hassie.

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